About Danielle

Hi, my name is Danielle, i am a mom of one, artist, entrepreneur and a vegetarian for more than twenty years now. I live and work in Vienna, Austria, where my artstudios – the Owlstudio – and – the Exlibrisstudio – are located. My love for nature and animals deeply influences my way of living and working.

Danielle @ thenaturalowl.com
Danielle @ thenaturalowl.com

I enjoy doing things in my life in a harmonic and natural way, in respect of nature and every living being on this planet. Organic shopping and living as a vegetarian is a result of this mindset. I often try vegan recipes as well, which opens a whole new world to me. I am lucky to have a beautiful roof garden, where i grow trees, flowers, vegetables and fruits and invite birds to come, rest, feed and drink all year round.
Parenting came very natural to me and i enjoy every second as a mom. My son is raised as a vegetarian and i am daily gaining more knowledge about bringing him up in a well balanced vegetarian lifestyle with often trying new vegetarian recipes for babies and toddlers.

I’m looking forward to your visits, questions and comments.

Danielle . www.thenaturalowl.com