Apples for the Birds by

Apples for the Birds by

We often buy apples in bigger patches. Then it can happen that one or the other apple gets ‘too old’ to be really good to eat. Instead of just throwing them in the bin, we ‘gift’ them to our local birdlife. This is a project that you can do with your toddler, or child both of you having fun and supporting nature and wildlife.

Needed material:

Some apples
Twigs of 20 -30 cm / 8 – 12 inches length
Ribbons of 50 – 60 / 20 – 24 inches length
larding pin, or knitting needle, or a sturdy straight stick or twig

(please take care for your toddler / child not to reach the needle or to get access to your material unattended!)

(wash the apples in case your toddler / child wants to take a bite 😉 )

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