Apples for the Birds by

Collecting material for Apples for the Birds by

First we collect our material. Go and look for as many twigs as you have apples to use. You can do this in your own garden, or take the chance to do a lovely nature walk with your toddler. Beautiful twigs can be found pretty much everywhere, in the park, in the woods, or just in the nearby countryside. We collected a few twigs from our roof garden. Your twigs should be about 20 – 30 cm / 8 – 12 inches long. They will act as landing support for the birds, so don’t make them too short. Then prepare the ribbons in the same amount you have apples and twigs. We have used lovely red cotton ribbons in 50 – 60 cm / 20 – 24 inches length. You will also need a larding pin, a knitting needle, or a sturdy and straight twig or stick to push through the apples.

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