December 22

Exlibrisstudio advent calendar, December 22

December 22, it‘s the memories that shine the brightest in our hearts. Keeping up old traditions with wrapping chocolate pieces and sweets for the Christmas tree and baking a vegan gingerbread house. The little lion loves it for sure

December 21

Exlibrisstudio advent calendar, December 21

December 21, the Bear suggests you to take some time, make yourself comfortable, relax, enjoy yourself, slow down and … read a good book, or take a Christmas stroll through Viennas city centre, but that might be a bit more stressful he thinks.

December 18

Exlibrisstudio advent calendar, December 18

December 18, our Matchbox Trucks are delivering Christmas stars, the third candle is burning on our advent wreath and we are busy shipping out bookplates before Christmas. Everything accompanied by beautiful Christmas carols.

December 17

Exlibrisstudio advent calendar, December 17

December 17, Two Ravens were singing Christmas Carols, while everyone was joyfully preparing everything for Christmas. They were happily using the SANTA2018 coupon code to receiving 10% on bookplate orders at

December 16

Exlibrisstudio advent calendar, December 16

December 16, the penguins were thinking about a winter wedding and snowman mom said to snowman baby to put his scarf on when going outside. A beautiful and cold third advent December Sunday at the Exlibrisstudio. 

December 15

Exlibrisstudio advent calendar, December 15

December 15, there was silence and the snow covered everything under a thick, cold blanket. Even the little train tracks were barely visible, just a whisper from memories of last summer told of birds and flowers and the locomotives soft ‚tut tuut’.

December 14

Exlibrisstudio Advent Calendar, December 14

December 14, the cat used her magic wand to fast forward her Christmas shopping. Clever cat! Happy December 14th!

December 13

Exlibrisstudio Advent Calendar, December 13

December 13, featured item today: one of our most favourite Ex Libris Stamps: “Kore” from the Erechtheion of the Akropolis, around 410 b.C., plus a few motifs from a lovely Austrian Christmas market.

December 1 advent calendar Dec. 1

exlibrisstudio advent calendar, december 1